We are a bunch of FinTech enthusiasts!

Reluctant to follow the mindset of take-as-many-projects possible, we are keen to be an exclusive partner to teams dreaming to bring a FinTech solution to life. we believe in a perfect chemistry between the teams before we decide take on a project.

Our team consists of engineers who have worked in core components for different FinTech solutions to perform. These guys are pro-efficient in building API based platforms, developing quantitative trading strategies, payment and transaction mechanisms.

That doesn't mean we are here to only develop a robust backend, we believe the success of a software is not possible without a good UI/UX, hence we make sure we have completed our team with competent frontend developers that will use latest frameworks in order to have your product compete with the bests.

We make sure you will have a smooth development journey with our team of product managers and delivery managers (experienced in FinTech).

Doca de Santo Amaro Armazém 15, 1350-353 Lisbon, Portugal 961 81 64 26

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